Public Relation and Advocacy

Voice of People

Public Relations and Advocacy

The advocacy section of the organization aims at empowering the voice of distressed and vulnerable segments of the society and also encourage civil society to help them shape their opinions on the important issues concerning citizens so that they can influence policies for the benefit of citizens.


  • Supporting persons with disabilities and protection of environment
  • Fostering human rights and women rights
  • Contributing to the mainstreaming of civil society in the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (CS-ANDS)
  • Promoting transparency and accountability in governmental and non-governmental Institutions
  • Establishing, expanding and strengthening National Advocacy Network to coordinate advocacy efforts at provincial and national level

PR and Coordination section is the practical link between ACSFo and the civil society, member organizations, partners and donors.The PR & Coordination database is a source of information to more than 450 members, organizations, individuals and partners.

Core Interventions

Events-based advocacy, for example, by celebrating several international days, engagement of ACSFo in several advocacy networks and coalitions, advocacy committees set up by ACSFo, establishing provincial focal points, providing database-related services to members, conducting academic lectures and conducting capacity building programs.


We make a better Afghanistan


The media section of ACSFo aims to expand the outreach of its activities and messages to a greater number of people across Afghanistan.  In addition, the section endeavors to create effective coordination mechanisms among scholars, writers and other academia.

Core Activities

  • Monthly Magazine: The aim of the publication is to reach out to the maximum people of Afghanistan expanding ACSFo’s outreach. The publication contributes in building the target communities awareness and knowledge on socio-political and economic issues.
  • Website: ACSFo’s website is the reflection of organization’s vision, mission and strategy.Website’s content is available in English, Dari and Pashto in order to have larger access to citizens.
  • Newsletter: It provides the update on ACSFo’s   major achievements, programs, activities and events. The newsletter is shared with donors, stakeholders, CSOs and member organizations.
  • Booklet: The civil society information booklet is printed annually. It comprises of writings of various intellectuals on matters of concern.
  • Resource Center: Established in 2006, the resource center provides access to its members to large variety of books, magazines and other printed sources. In addition, there are computers with internet facility for the easy access to outside world. This initiative is taken with a vision of capacitating youth. The resource center has 1700 books on diverse subjects.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We work for peace!

Monitoring and Evaluation

ACSFo Monitoring and Evaluation section was established in 2006. Since then, it is working independently in order to ensure effective operations and provide constructive feedbacks to all ongoing projects of ACSFo. M&E section performs event-based monitoring, process monitoring, change monitoring, midterm-evaluation, and final or impact evaluation of the projects within the project lifetime.

The M&E section began change monitoring as an improved M&E activity on the ground besides process and event based monitoring and evaluation in 2015 to find the outcomes of interventions and continued it in 2016.Besides, the section has been preparing and developing proper monitoring plans, developing and designing well-defined monitoring benchmarks for new projects and proposals developed in cooperation with different sections of the organization.

Rule of Law

Justice is our motto

ACSFo strongly believes rule of law is the basis for good governance, transparency and accountability and essential for an equitable social justice and a sustainable nation-building process.