We make history

To positively influence the policies through the input of the civil society and to lobby for the civil society as a contributor to the policy-making processes. In return, the active engagement of citizens shall be ensured.

Capacity Development

We make a better Afghanistan

ACSFo aims to provide capacity building services to civil society and government institutions to provide quality services and work with higher efficiency and effectiveness.

Coordination & Public Relations

We work for peace!

ACSFo believes PR & Coordination is the practical link between civil society, member organizations, partners and donors for information and resource sharing and effective communication.

Rule of Law

Justice is our motto

ACSFo strongly believes rule of law is the basis for good governance, transparency and accountability and essential for an equitable social justice and a sustainable nation-building process.

M&E Learning and Design Unit

We try to improve society

ACSFo established the M&E Learning and Design Unit to increase its capacities for the aim of assessing its operating environment, increasing its credibility of its programs and activities,

measuring program results, Integrating a common monitoring system with solid indicators throughout the programs and ensuring that lessons learnt and best practices will be kept in the corporate memory and used for staff development and future program design.

Afghanistan Electoral Reform Consultative Forum AERCF (TAF)

More clearance; better Afghanistan

Improve Election Management System and Electoral Justice Mechanisms