Headquarter Kabul

The new organization structure of ACSFo shows a lean approach with the integration of a Program Coordination Unit, which will serve as an intermediary between the Executive Director and program units of the organization.

Regional Offices

In order to fulfill the basis for ACSFo to go back to its roots of capacity building, networking/coordination and advocacy, ACSFo’s field offices as(Ningarhar, Paktia, Bamian, Ghor, Samangan, Balkh, Kunduz) should function as an implementing agent and more as a platform and resource center. Therefore, the regional and provincial offices will undertake the following tasks:

  • Each office shall have a local database and map in each province/district where CSOs are and provide such information to donors and government.
  • Each office shall have a resource center for CSOs (incl. Computer/internet) in more remote provinces.
  • Each office can facilitate talks/meetings of CSOs (at least once a month).

Program Chart

Note: Monitoring & Evaluation department is reportable to Program department on all the programs of the organization and also reportable to the Executive director.Admin and Finance departments are also indirectly reportable to program department. In the absence of the Executive director the two departments are directly reportable to Program Manager.