ACSFo’s Declaration on Suicide Attack on Imam-e-Zaman Mosque

Once again the humanity was let down and oppressed with the killings of more than hundreds of people in Merza Walang in Sar-e-pul and Jawadeya mosque in Herat. Similar barbaric act happened in Kabul few days before wherein the terrorists purged praying people in the Imam-e-Zaman mosque. Several innocent people were massacred and even the women and children were not spared. The attack aimed at creating a divide between Shias and Sunnis in Afghanistan.

Killing a sect on the basis of their religious orientation is a crime against humanity and against the precepts of Islam whose foundational principles are love, peace and forgiveness. It is mentioned in the holy Qura’an, “killing of one innocent person means the death of entire humanity.”

Afghanistan Civil Society Forum organization expresses its condolences to the families of the victims and vociferously condemns this cold-blooded and nefarious act of terrorists inspired by extremism and fundamentalism. ACSFo calls the government to take speedy action for the victims for their medical treatment and to provide the families of the victims with financial compensation. We urge the Government of Afghanistan to politically and judicially pursue these cases with the relevant actors to bring an end to such heinous crimes.

4.6.1396 same as 27.08.2017

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