Afghan Civil Society Forum organization is an advocacy and coordination based body. Since its establishment ACSFo has been working on advocacy in different provinces of Afghanistan. All these advocacy activities were carried out either under the project or beyond project work plan. Its thematic area mostly covers on youth, disability, good governance, transparency and accountability, environment and natural resource protection, human rights and gender. Advocacy makes an essential framework for the organization, therefore, several strategic approaches and participatory methods are employed to attain achievements in advocacy.

Advocacy events

During the month of October ACSFos’ provincial advocacy team conducted several advocacy activities and advocated for citizen’s issues in order to build a strong and sustainable trust among people and encourage citizens to participate in civil society activities. These activities mostly focussed on concerns of local community which were not addressed by the government officials of Ghor province.


  • On 10th October National Research Convention organized a meeting in governor’s office. The participants were from local authorities, human rights, PDC members and CSO members. The main purpose of this event was to support war victims and draw government’s attention to miserable life of victims.  Ghor’s governor expressed to reduce the adverse impact on victims and help war victims.
  • On 11th October Ghor advocacy team organized meeting with local authorities. The advocacy team presented their advocacy work on sanitation, health and construction of hospital in Tewra. The local authorities then discussed these issues with urban development department.
  • On 12th October advocacy members held meeting with Ghor governor on lack of implementation on President Ashraf Ghani’s command on Green and Public Beneficial Plan of Feroz koh district. In this meeting, Ghor mayor and other local authorities participated. During the meeting relevant departments were advised to follow-up on coordination and implementation of president’s command unless warning issue would be send to the one not performing their duties on time.
  • On 19th October advocacy team participated in radio session to discuss about citizen rights, violation of citizen rights, importance of peaceful civil movements and demonstrations in Afghanistan and civil society achievements.
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