ADVOCACY ACTIVITIES- Nangarhar province


Afghan Civil Society Forum organization is an advocacy and coordination based body. Since its establishment ACSFo has been working on advocacy in different provinces of Afghanistan. All these advocacy activities were carried out either under the project or beyond project work plan. Its thematic area mostly covers on youth, disability, good governance, transparency and accountability, environment and natural resource protection, human rights and gender. Advocacy makes an essential framework for the organization, therefore, several strategic approaches and participatory methods are employed to attain achievements in advocacy.


Advocacy events

During the month of October ACSFos’ provincial advocacy team conducted several advocacy activities and advocated for the concerns of citizens to improve the local government service delivery. The advocacy events aims at bridging the gap between communities and the local government authorities.


Ø  On 3rd October regional advocacy team participated in advocacy coordination meeting which was conducted by Save the Children. In the meeting 20 members from local CSOs from district and provincial level participated. The session aimed to identify the problems in Kama and Shewa districts to advocate to the government. The participants agreed to do an advocacy to local governor if their demands are not met.

Ø  On 4th October advocacy team arranged a meeting with chief justice of Nangarhar city. In the meeting, 8 members from CSOs participated. The meeting was conducted to support the idea of citizen’s participation in judiciary meetings. The chief justice supported and approved the idea and also mentioned about encouraging citizens to monitor the judiciary-related meetings/proceedings/events and share their information and observation with the department.

On 21st October advocacy team in collaboration with other local civil society members organized a meeting to discuss the issue of absenteeism in the committee meetings and was decided to withdraw the membership of the people failing to attend the meetings on regular basis. Awareness campaign/ Conference/Workshop

–          On 3rd October regional advocacy team facilitated advocacy conference at provincial level. In this event participants were parliament members, CSOs, media, local businessmen, money exchangers  and wakeel guzars from Nangarhar districts. The main purpose of the event was to discuss lack of security and local government’s negligence in tackling issues such as corruption in government departments and increasing crime rate in the districts.

Ø  On 21st October regional advocacy team participated in TV roundtable talk.  The roundtable was conducted to discuss about increasing security concerns and insurgent activities in the province.

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