ADVOCACY ACTIVITIES- Samangan province


Afghan Civil Society Forum organization is an advocacy and coordination based body. Since its establishment ACSFo has been working on advocacy in different provinces of Afghanistan. All these advocacy activities were carried out either under the project or beyond project work plan. Its thematic area mostly covers on youth, disability, good governance, transparency and accountability, environment and natural resource protection, human rights and gender. Advocacy makes an essential framework for the organization, therefore, several strategic approaches and participatory methods are employed to attain achievements in advocacy.

Advocacy events

During the month of September ACSFos’ provincial advocacy team conducted several advocacy activities and advocated for citizen’s issues in order to build a strong and sustainable trust among people and encourage citizens to participate in civil society activities.


  • On 21st September regional Advocacy and Monitoring team conducted advocacy meeting with local government authorities, the meeting aimed to highlight the concerns of citizens of Hazrat-e- Sultan and Feroz Nakhsher districts in various areas such as public health, education, water supply, agriculture and irrigation. The participants were local media, provincial development council members and officials from governor office. The identified problems will be discussed at the high-level governor meeting. ACSFo advocacy and monitoring network and PDC members are assigned to closely follow-up and include issues in their action plan.
  • On 24th September advocacy and monitoring team held meeting with the Department of Health at provincial level. The head of PHD, civil society, provincial council, Department of Women Affairs and SHDP representatives participated in the meeting. The advocacy team raised their concerns over the lack of transparency in hiring staff in Public Health Directorate and selection of committee members for the recruitment of staff. The Director of PHD has promised to bring credible changes in the hiring system and resultantly, 42 vacancies were announced.



  • DoPH announced 42 posts for competition, the Representatives from Provincial Council, civil Society, Women Affaires and Public Health and SHDP conducted and monitored the written test and oral test. Resultantly, vacancies were occupied according to the fair and transparent hiring process.
  • Citizens of Hazrat-e- Sultan and Feroz Nakhsher district had concerns over many issues which will be discussed in high-level governor meeting.
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