Jamea-e-Madani Magazine

The “Jamea-e-madani” monthly is part of a family of free and nongovernmental press in Afghanistan. It is published for all Afghans, whether in the country or abroad.

Essays and reports that are published in this newsletter have the purpose of strengthening civil society in Afghanistan. This monthly not only presents relevant information and provides civic education, but also published essays that represent the concern and opinion of various dimensions of civil society. Items such as human rights, socio-cultural events, professional issues, and issues specifically related to women, men and children are considered. The publication additionally addresses more general items about educational and governance subjects.

On one hand, the newsletter reflects the views, analyses and suggestions of people from different backgrounds of Afghan civil society, and on the other hand, is willing to provide a dialogue with Afghan authorities. The newsletter therefore also strives to provide and impartial platform for governmental actors to air their responses.

Although “Jamea-e-madani” publishes the views of intellectuals, it will not permit writings opposed to Islamic values or those which have the intent of countering national unity, territorial integrity, or the promotion of civil society. Similarly, scripts which may incite ethnic or religious tensions or foster prejudices against minorities will not be published in the “Jamea-e-madani” monthly. Human dignity and personal honor are to be respected in all contributions of the newsletter.

The monthly publishes articles in Dari, Pashto and other local languages of Afghanistan, as well as some English materials.