Monthly Project Report (September) – Afghan Civic Engagement Program (ACEP)

Monthly Project Reports

Project title: Afghan Civic Engagement Program (ACEP

Project Introduction:

Project Goal:

To increase engagement of CSOs at the sub-national level on issues of national importance such as advancement of government accountability and transparency, improvement of public servant responsiveness, improving the work place environment for women, and promoting enforcement of rule of law.

Project Objectives and Activities:

  • To improve the capacities of provincial CSOs on community mobilization, civic education, facilitation and community dialogues.

  • To improve networking and collaboration among CSOs and relevant stakeholders on the issues affecting the communities at the provincial and regional level.

  • To strengthen the role of youth and women on the issues of transparency and accountability.

Project Location:

The project under the title of Promoting Civil Society’s role at the sub national level for strengthening transparency and accountability will be implemented in North west region provinces of Balkh, Faryab Jawzjan, Saripul, Kabul, Bamyan and Daikundi of Afghanistan.

Activities and Results:

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Refer to project goal and objectives, in the month of September, the project team organized several activities. These activities are including trainings, workshops, filed visit and ulama dialogues, with the following.

  • Youth and Ulma network establishment: During the period of the month one youth and ulmal network established in each province of Jawzjan, Sar-e-Pul and Baman. The main purpose of establishment is to identify youth challenges in the community and conduct joint advocacy to find out the solution.

  • Field visit from PCPs activities: During period of the month ACSFo M&E team conducted twenty field visits from Kabul, Bamyan, Sar-e- Pul – Faryab and Daikondi. The main purpose of the field visit was to find the strengthens and weaknesses of PCP’s activities and provide them feedback for better implementation of their upcoming activities.

  • On job trainings: During the period of the month the project team conducted three on job trainings on Quick book, policy development and LF for PCP partners. The main purpose of these trainings was to rias partners’ capacity on mentioned issues.

  • CSOs’ provincial monthly meetings: Refer to ACEP project work plan hereby, and during the reporting period project team conducted two provincial advocacy monthly meetings in Sar-e-Pul and Jawzjan. In these two sessions 8 females and 18 males from provincial CSOs and advocacy networks were participated. The main purpose of meeting was to strengthen provincial CSOs for collective advocacy and stressing the local government for better service delivery


The project cordially implemented as per work plan, fortunately there was not any obstacle occurred during implementation.




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During the period of the month overall activities of the project implemented as per work plan, two on job training conducted, three youth and ulama established as well as PCPs activities were monitored by our team

Plans for next month:

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Project completion date was 30th of September, hence no plan conducted for next month.

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