Monthly Report (September)- Strengthening Local Civil Society’s Role to Influence Sustainable Reform and Transparency in Government (SRTG) Project

Project Introduction:

Strengthening Local Civil Society’s Role to Influence Sustainable Reform and Transparency in Government (SRTG) Project is for three years (January 2016 – December 2018). The overall objective of this project is “to improve the coordination and capacity of CSOs to advocate for government reforms and transparency” The project should achieve three results: (1) Enhanced capacities of 20 CSOs, 25 CDCs, PDCs and local governance structures in participatory planning and monitoring service delivery. (2) Local CSOs, CDCs and citizens including the youth engage actively in demanding good local governance, transparency and reforms; and provincial advocacy monitoring bodies established in the target provinces and; (3) 30% improvement over baseline in service delivery and transparency in target provinces. The project is implemented by two partners, ACSFo and Afghanaid.

The Prominent activities of the project in September 2017 includes monitoring the activities of 8 organizations who financially support by SRTG Project and gathering their two months financially and narrative reports, publishing the radio massages and regular monitoring from broadcasting,

Project Location:

The project implements in Ghor Province (Lal wa Sar-e-Jangle, Dawlatyar and Feroz Koh districts), Samangan Province (Feroz Nakhcher, Hazrat Sultan and Aybak districts).

Activities and Results:

Radio messages broadcasting

Pursuing the chain of citizens’ awareness about project themes and local government service delivery regarding health, education, water supply, power and rural development, the project team developed radio messages both in Ghor and Samangan provinces. The first – four messages broadcasted on September 2016 through local FM radio stations ( Haqiqat and Shaharwand) in Samangan province and (Adalat and Sarhad ) in Ghor province. As a result, broadcasted messages increased citizen awareness regarding local government departments’ service delivery in both provinces. On the other hand, for better implementation of broadcasting all messages were monitored by local project teams.

Monitoring grantees’ activities

One of SRTG project millstone is financially supporting local CSOs at district level. Refer to this millstone eight local CSOs granted small funds support for six months (July- Dec 2017). In order to keep local partners responsive and practice transparency and accountability during project implementation, regular monitoring from each province conducted from partners’ activities by SRTG project team.

Grantees’ project report collection

During project implementation, grantees are encouraged to submit bi-monthly reports (financial and narrative) to head office, hence SRTG regional team are responsible to collect partners’ report and provide technical support for those partners who are not able to prepare standard reports, as result grantees will be able to improve their skills during writing the reports.


During the reporting period grantees’ less knowledge and skills cased them to not prepare a standard financial report, however our regional project team conducted technical session in order to able them to write the report.


In order to permanently solve grantees’ problem on report writing, we are kindly recommending to conduct report writing training and encourage our local partners to participate in this workshop


[The activities of September were conducted based on Project September Action Plan. In this month the project employees have closely worked with partners and helped them in preparing the standard report so this support can be a good step for strengthening of the local CSOs which is the main objective of the project.

Plans for next month:

The major activities for next month:

  • Regular contact with SRTG Project local partners in Ghor and Samangan Provinces
  • Changing the Project reports from Dari to English
  • Conducting Town Hall Gathering in Ghor and Samangan provinces
  • Conducting three days training for Ghor and Samangan Advocacy and Oversight Network for Good Governance (AONGG)
  • Conducting AONGG meeting in Ghor and Samangan
  • Project Coordination Committee (PCC) monitoring from the activities of Project partners
  • Conducting Roundtables Radio Program with relevant stakeholders and broadcasting them through radio channels
  • Broadcasting 8 Radio Massages by local radio channel of Ghor and Samangan
  • Participating in the exposure visit in Ghor province
  • Regular participation in the partner CSOs activities and programs
  • Monitoring of the radio messages (broadcast timing and quality)
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