Peace Day Celebration



Celebration of Peace Day

 September-October 2007

In the year 2007 ACSFo celebrated the National Peace Day as the lead organization of ACSONP (Afghan Civil Society Organization Network for Peace) in a grand scale in several provinces of the country with the financial support of different donors (HBF, DED, British Embassy, World Bank, GTZ, and SCA) and cooperation of a number other organizations.

Project Purpose:

The rationale behind the project was to raise awareness for the importance of peace for the reconstruction of the country among the direct and indirect beneficiaries and to encourage them to raise their voices for that and take joint action in a bottom-up approach to promote a culture of peace in Afghanistan.


Afghanistan witnessed around 60 events in different corners on September 21, the Peace Day. Between 110-5000 people attended each event. Altogether more than 42,000 direct beneficiaries were targeted. Only Zabul and Nuristan couldn’t witness the celebration of peace day because of security reasons.


The Outcome of the project were:

  1. Media campaign with a broad outreach
  2. Collection of articles published and distributed nationwide
  3. Peace Prize winner selected nationwide
  4. Events took place in all provinces of Afghanistan conveying the message of peace
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