Taliban attack on Paktia police force commanding unit and Andar district of Ghazni

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Taliban attack on Paktia police force commanding unit and Andar district of Ghazni

The Government of Afghanistan has to get rid of the tactless policies on war against terrorists, this is causing immense harm to Afghan National Security Forces and civilians of the country. These policies do not differentiate between friends and foes and resultantly we witness the death and destruction of our beloved citizens. In this state of ambiguity the front line soldiers and defenders don’t understand against whom they are fighting. The continuation of these aimless policies will destroy the morale of the defenders and will further entrench the roots of terrorism in the country.

Suicide attack at the police force commanding unit of Paktia province Police killed 21 Soldiers and 158 wounded and the chief headquarters of Ghazni in Andar District was also attacked killing 25 soldiers and 160 wounded. These tragic events occurred because of negligence of government and their loose policies. These practices by Taliban are against humanity and Islam. Afghan Civil Society Forum-organization (ACSFo) sympathizes with the families of the martyrs and the victims of the incidents. We demand a clear policy against the enemies of the homeland, a sense of greater responsibility of government to protect the lives and assets of the military and civilians of the country. The Policy of appealing to the enemies will lead the country towards greater crisis and more human destruction.

26th Mizan, 1396 Kabul

18th October, 2017 Kabul

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