There stood that creature


Like the cleanest dove in the sky.

Like the most beautiful swan in the lake,

There came the named creature from heavens of above.

Mother was her name, mother they named her.

Through her restless nights,

To her tiring mornings,

Was stood that creature named mother.

The cleanest soul ever to be found,

With the biggest heart of them all,

There stood the creature named mother.

Like the sunshine of every home,

To the joy of every family,

And the love of every being.

There stood the creature named mother.

Like the blossom flowers in the Garden of Eden.

To the clearest oceans in the sea,

The heart of this creature is bigger than they could see.

The spark of every fire and the glow of every star,

The smile of every child and the love of every husband

Has to be this creature named mother.

When push comes to shove and love turns to hate,

The innocent creatures love will shadow over to your fate.

Like the rising of the sun, you bring brightness to my heart,

Like the stars in the sky, you bring sparks in my life.

It has to be this creature named mother.

Caring and blessing as we say

Stood over me night and day,

With the feel of affection and care of a child, I would have to say,

It was that creature mother,

As they say.

When tears fall from your eyes and heartbreaks hit your door,

When a hand you need to reach,

Or a hug you’re in for a need.

Just remember there will always be that creature named mother.
11 February 2009, 11:46:30

: Tahmina Farhang

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